Solo Exhibitions


2018 ‘JILL HERLANDS’, Dreams on Air, New York, NY

2016 ‘JILL.HERLANDS’, Gallery OVO, South Orange, NJ




2018 ‘Empire of Dirt’, Dab Art Gallery, Ventura, CA

2018 ‘Chasing Ghosts’, Verum Ultimum Gallery, Portland, OR

2018 ‘Abstract Catalyst’, Verum Ultimum Gallery, Portland, OR

2018 ‘Fierce and Frail’, Verum Ultimum Gallery, Portland, OR

2018 ‘10x10x10’, Tieton Arts Center, Tieton, WA

2018 ‘Makers Mark’, Verum Ultimum, Portland Oregon

2018 “Fun House 18: Art of the Surreal, Fantastic, and Bizarre”, Barrett Art Center, Poughkeepsie, NY

2018 “Act 2: Art as a Career Sequel”, Peters Valley School of Craft, Layton, NJ

2018 “No Matter Matters”, Milan Design Week, Milan, Italy

2018 “About Volumes’, Vitraria Gallery, Venice, ITL

2018 “By Hand”, Blue Line Arts, Roseville, CA

2018 “ADORN”, Arts on Douglas, New Smyrna Beach, FL

2017 “Good Things Come in Small Packages”, Studio Channel Islands, Camarillo, CA

2017 “On Fire”, Gallery OVO, South Orange, NJ

2017 “On the Rocks”, Lillstreet Gallery, Chicago, IL

2016 ‘Stepping into Liquid’, Gallery OVO, South Orange, NJ




2018 Norwegian.Jewelry, ‘Rebellion, Music & Jewelry | A New York Story’

2018 One 37 PM Magazine, ‘Fearless Influencer Chris Lavish Makes 19 Fashion Predictions for 2019’

2018 Bleu Magazine, Issue 57, ‘Spiritual Initiation into Earth Gang’

2018 ‘Are you Afraid of Color?’ Photography by Constantino

2018 Lewis Magazine, “Nile Goodlad” 

2018 Fashion Week Online, ‘Interview with New York Jewelry Artist, Jill Herlands’

2018 Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, Barrett Art Center

2018 OKing Media, ‘House of Art’

2018 Just-Magazine, ‘Bottle Rocket’

2018 Mis Imprescindibles, ‘Paris Fashion Week’

2018 Benchpeg ‘Micro Scenery and Architectural Influences’

2018 Lewis Magazine, ‘Nile Goodlad’

2018 Adornment, ‘Curating Contemporary Jewelry’

2018 Adornment-Jewelry – ‘No Matter, Matters’

2018 Verum Ultimum Gallery, ‘Makers Mark’

2018 ‘Fierce and Frail: of Beings, Beasts and Seed’

2018 JAAMZIN, Issue 3/Volume 1/

2018 JaamZIN, April 2018, “Artist Jill Herlands”

2018, ‘Jill Herlands’

2018 L’Orafo Italiano ‘No Matter Matters’ 

2018 JAMS (Jewelry and Metals Magazine) This annual publication highlights the best new work being made in the international field of jewelry and metals.

2018 FEROCE, ‘May Vol. 6 2018’

2018 The Carrot Box – Art-Jewelry ‘Jill Herlands’

2018 Procrastinate Magazine, - “Under Water”

2018 Object of Reference – ‘Wearable Art by Jill Herlands’

2018 Procrastinate Magazine – “Moving Out”

2018, ‘Jill Herlands’

2017 Jersey Indie Blog, ‘MetalurJ at Gallery OVO’

2017 London Jewellers, ‘Inspirational Jewelers’

2017 Inspirational Trends, ‘Born to Rock’

2016 Polyvore, ‘Jill Herlands’ 

2016 National Jeweler Magazine, ‘Jill Herlands’

2016 The Gem Therapist, ‘Jill Herlands’

2016 Isabella Lee, ‘Rockin’ That Gem’ 

2016 Designer Profile, ‘MetalurJ, Jill Herlands’

2015 Jewelry Logic, Michelle Orman, ‘Jill Herlands’

2015 The Insider, Mimi Santa Cruz, ‘Bling and Baubles Regalia’




Winner - Baby Forest Awards, 2018 Applied Art/Contemporary Craft

Honorable Mention – ‘Fun House 18’ Barrett Art Center, Poughkeepsie, NY


Professional Organizations


SNAG, Eugene, OR, USA

WJA, Poughkeepsie, NY, USA

Klimt02, Barcelona, Spain

Crafthaus, London, England

American Craft Council, Minneapolis, MN, USA


Jill Herlands currently lives and works in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City