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 Polina waiting for Chris

Polina waiting for Chris

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About The Studio

JILL.HERLANDS is an art-jewelry studio based in Hell’s Kitchen, New York City. We create one-off and limited-edition wearable sculptures. All work from conception to production, is done by hand, and nothing is ever mass-produced. This means that your JILL.HERLANDS piece is, and always will be, an original piece of art.

Our mission is to create experimental and elaborate wearable art forms that redefine 'accessory', and stretch the imagination.

Each piece, a raw sculpture that becomes a part of the wearer themselves, speaks volumes without saying a word.

 Chris bring playful

Chris bring playful

 Polina makes Chris laugh!

Polina makes Chris laugh!


About The Artist

After teaching myself about the science behind metalworking, I became obsessed with the manipulation of raw materials.

My technique of choice is hand fabrication, and I consciously disregard the traditional. Instead, I use unorthodox combinations of materials to create tension and expose the unexpected. I thrive in an atmosphere of controlled chaos, while allowing the materials to dictate the final outcome of my work.

I draw my inspiration from New York City’s textures, architecture, concrete and steel. While manipulating raw material, I look for contrasts, empty contours and visible and imagined boundaries, which allows me to conceptualize the shape within.

I am fascinated that metal can change so drastically from smooth and industrial in appearance to an intriguing organic form bearing no resemblance to the original. It is as if an object not only assumes a second life but reveals its true identity.

My attitude towards life is decidedly non-conformist, and so is my art.

 Polina dreams of what could be with Chris

Polina dreams of what could be with Chris

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Photography - Eleonora Trullo

Styling - Eleonora Volpe

Model - Polina  and Chris Lavish

Makeup & Hair - Mark Phong